Pain and the Brain

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An estimated 20%, or 50 million¹, US adults experience chronic pain, which is pain that affects and limits life or work activities. Many people who reach out to me for massage are those looking for relief from chronic pain, so I went down the rabbit hole of pain science to better understand what is happening in the mind and body of people who suffer from chronic pain. During the beginning of my research I found Dr. Greg Lehman’s free eBook called Recovery Strategies Pain Guidebook. It is brilliant and written in plain language for everyone to understand. I took the […]

How to Have a Good Massage

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There is absolutely nothing better in this world than to hear that someone enjoyed their massage. I’m not going to lie- it’s good feedback to hear. Recently, I was given what was probably the best feedback and compliment that I have ever received. And it got me thinking- why was this person so happy? My goal is to always be present during a session, to always pay attention to the person receiving the massage and how their body responds. But that can’t be the only reason that someone likes the work. That led me to think about this particular client […]