Massage for Low Back Pain

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If you’ve ever battled lower back pain, you know how nagging and exhausting it can be. Pain medications can be dangerous to take for extended periods (and frequently only dull the discomfort, instead of dealing with it), relief found from injections is ineffective or short-lived, and some therapies can even make your lower back pain worse. Surely there’s something you can do to rid yourself of this pain. You’re not alone in this pain. In fact, at least 80% of adults will deal with it at some point in their life. So how can we work to free you of […]

What to Expect for Your First Massage

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A massage is intended to be a calm and relaxing experience. But if it’s your first massage, you may feel a little trepidation. Don’t let that hold you back. With a little information about what to expect, you’ll walk into your appointment feeling like a confident pro! Expect Communication Expect a lot of questions at your first appointment. I’ll need to know a little bit about your health history and what your goals are for that session. It’s very helpful when the digital intake is completed before the appointment. It means we spend less time chatting. Your clear and honest […]

Hamstring Strain Injuries

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Oh, the hammies. Such a fascinating collection of muscles. The hamstring muscle group refers to the three muscles on the back of the thigh- biceps femoris, semitendinosus, and semimembranosus. All three extend the hip, tilt the pelvis, and flex the knee. Also, they all attach (with the exception of the short head of the biceps femoris) to a small boney part on the bottom of the pelvis called the ischial tuberosity, aka sits bones. The other (distal) end of the muscles each connect to different sites, either on the tibia or fibula. A hamstring strain is a tear in the […]

Why Your Massage Therapist Asks Health Questions

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Before your first massage, I’m going to ask health questions to learn about your medical history. I have an intake form that will ask about what medications and medical conditions you have, and a whole host of questions about your health history. So why is this? Am I being nosy? Why do I need to know such detailed, personal information about you that you may only otherwise share with your doctor? While it may seem like a hassle or invasion of your privacy to fill out an intake form, there’s a great reason I want to know so much about […]

EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week

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EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week (July 14-20, 2019) was started by one of our professional massage associations, Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals. The purpose of this week is to promote the benefits of massage and bodywork. Many massage therapists celebrate by giving back to the community in some way. To celebrate, I will be giving away two 30-minute massages. Email your nomination to me by midnight, July 20, 2019. The nominee should be someone you feel would benefit from massage, but struggles to find the time and/or money. I will draw the names Sunday, July 21, 2019. And since only […]

Smashing the Toxins Myth

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Maybe you’ve just come back from a vacation where you had your fair share of wine and delicious food. Should you detox with a juice cleanse? Or perhaps a massage will flush these toxins from your body? Many health-minded people are seeking new ways to benefit their health and to undo some of the prior damage that poor diets, air pollutants, and bad habits can do to their bodies. With the general rise of health consciousness, there’s also been an increase in the idea of “detoxing,” or removing toxins from their bodies with diets, cleanses, and even foot pads that […]

Client Rights and Informed Consent

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Just like with all other medical practitioners, you have rights when it comes to a massage therapy session. Some people may think massage just involves lying down on a table for an hour while a massage therapist does her thing. Well, there is more to it than that and you have the right to be informed. I recently had an experience that made me reconsider how important transparency, informed consent, and personal rights are to clients. Here is my story- I have a thing about ears. It’s weird, I know. Maybe blame it on trauma caused by chronic ear infections […]

How Massage Can Help Athletes Year-Round

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You’re a true athlete. You’re used to working hard, exhausting your body, and developing your mental stamina— as well as your physical stamina— year-round. Even in the off-season, you don’t quit. You’re used to spending your downtime preparing for the next season, and getting faster, stronger, and better at what you do. The idea of using massage to improve your game might sound silly. Who needs a spa day to improve your game on the football field? But the truth is, more and more professional sports teams are employing full-time massage therapists to work with their athletes. Why? It really […]

What It Means to be Called a Licensed Massage Therapist

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Have you ever wondered what is required to be a licensed massage therapist in Oregon? Ever wonder what the “licensed” part even means? I know how incredible it is to find a massage therapist that you love but finding one who is licensed is so much more important. Massage therapy is not regulated or governed by a national board or policy. There is a national certification called the NCBTMB, but that certification does not allow a massage therapist to practice in every state. The profession is governed by individual state laws that vary. In Oregon, massage is governed by the […]

Massage for Knee Surgery Rehab

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Ouch! What did I do to my knee? If you’re experiencing knee pain, you’re not alone. Most Americans will have knee pain sometime in their life, whether from an accident, overuse, or general wear and tear as they age. Besides being uncomfortable, it’s often debilitating and holds you back from doing the activities you enjoy most. That’s why it’s important to seek prompt treatment. There’s as many different types of treatment for knee pain as there are types of knee pain, and in many cases the best treatment is surgery. It’s ironic, however, that while surgery is meant to cure […]