Anatomy 101: The Forearm

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It started with a twinge. You know, that sensation between a tickle and a tingle. Then it progressed to an ache. And then a throb. And now it hurts every time you try to type (which, let’s be honest, is all day long) or hold your coffee mug. For such small muscles, a forearm injury can pack a real punch because they are integral to even the most basic everyday activities.  So let’s break down this mighty group of muscles and learn what they do and how to keep them healthy and pain-free. What Do Forearms Do? The forearm is the […]

Steps to a Clean and Disinfected Massage Room

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When considering massage, an important question you may be asking yourself is: How clean is a massage room? What steps are taken to clean and disinfect? This is especially true during the COVID-19 outbreak. I want to explain the steps I take to clean and disinfect my massage space. The Rules Personal service providers (which, sadly, massage therapists have recently been classified as) have a new official set of rules on how to operate a business during the COVID-19 outbreak.  The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has issued this guidance on business operations. The guidelines cover topics such as cleaning and […]

Reopening Info

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My practice has reopened and I’m ready to see you. But first, here is the reopening information you need before booking your appointment. Michelle Obama was once asked how she would get her life back on track after leaving the White House. Her response was that there is no getting things back on track, there is only starting a new track. I feel this is where we are, my friend: Starting a new track. But I do believe the rules are fluid and that’s the cool thing about science- it is constantly changing. So, after reading my new policies for […]

Massage Therapy and Sleep Issues

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A good night’s sleep is crucial to our well-being and our health. Sleep issues can impact your entire day. You may feel drowsy or irritable, your thoughts may be foggy, and you may start to notice a difference in your body as well. If you’re having trouble falling asleep at night maybe it’s time you consider massage therapy to help you sleep better. The Importance of Sleep Sleep is such an important part of our well-being. While some people need less sleep than others, sleep deprivation is associated with several medical issues and can lead to a decline in overall […]

Uncoupling with Gratuity

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Before I opened my practice at LifeQual, I worked at a local spa. I was paid a percentage of the cost of the massage and I graciously accepted gratuity. When I was creating a business plan for myself, I made the decision to not accept gratuity. There are several reasons for that decision and I thought I’d share them with you. First and foremost, I work for myself, which means I can charge whatever I please. My prices are based on many factors, the most important being the amount I need to earn in order to keep a roof over […]

Iliotibial Band Syndrome

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Let’s start with the Iliotibial Band (ITB) The iliotibial band is an extremely thick, fibrous band of connective tissue that runs the length of the lateral leg from the iliac crest to the tibia. Specifically, the IT band is a thickening of the tensor fascia latae (TFL), a muscle that attaches to the front of the iliac crest. Other than to hold the parts of the leg together, the function of the IT band is to stabilize the knee and assist in locomotion (Cruells Vieira). Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) is thought to be an overuse condition caused by the ITB […]

Coping with the Holiday Season

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The holidays can evoke feelings of excitement, joy, and anticipation. For others, it may mean they coping with experiences or revisit grief, loss, or sadness. The holidays mean something different to everyone. And every sentiment, reason, or experience is okay and acceptable because they are your feelings and experiences. The grey skies and perpetual rain may add to that sense of heaviness, even for people who revel in Christmas traditions. The key to all of this is how you cope with those feelings. There are lots of articles out there on how to deal with the winter blues and how […]

What to Expect for Your First Massage

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A massage is intended to be a calm and relaxing experience. But if it’s your first massage, you may feel a little trepidation. Don’t let that hold you back. With a little information about what to expect, you’ll walk into your appointment feeling like a confident pro! Expect Communication Expect a lot of questions at your first appointment. I’ll need to know a little bit about your health history and what your goals are for that session. It’s very helpful when the digital intake is completed before the appointment. It means we spend less time chatting. Your clear and honest […]

Hamstring Strain Injuries

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Oh, the hammies. Such a fascinating collection of muscles. The hamstring muscle group refers to the three muscles on the back of the thigh- biceps femoris, semitendinosus, and semimembranosus. All three extend the hip, tilt the pelvis, and flex the knee. Also, they all attach (with the exception of the short head of the biceps femoris) to a small boney part on the bottom of the pelvis called the ischial tuberosity, aka sits bones. The other (distal) end of the muscles each connect to different sites, either on the tibia or fibula. A hamstring strain is a tear in the […]

Why Your Massage Therapist Asks Health Questions

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Before your first massage, I’m going to ask health questions to learn about your medical history. I have an intake form that will ask about what medications and medical conditions you have, and a whole host of questions about your health history. So why is this? Am I being nosy? Why do I need to know such detailed, personal information about you that you may only otherwise share with your doctor? While it may seem like a hassle or invasion of your privacy to fill out an intake form, there’s a great reason I want to know so much about […]