What It Means to be Called a Licensed Massage Therapist

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Have you ever wondered what is required to be a licensed massage therapist in Oregon? Ever wonder what the “licensed” part even means? I know how incredible it is to find a massage therapist that you love but finding one who is licensed is so much more important. Massage therapy is not regulated or governed by a national board or policy. There is a national certification called the NCBTMB, but that certification does not allow a massage therapist to practice in every state. The profession is governed by individual state laws that vary. In Oregon, massage is governed by the […]

Massage for Knee Surgery Rehab

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Ouch! What did I do to my knee? If you’re experiencing knee pain, you’re not alone. Most Americans will have knee pain sometime in their life, whether from an accident, overuse, or general wear and tear as they age. Besides being uncomfortable, it’s often debilitating and holds you back from doing the activities you enjoy most. That’s why it’s important to seek prompt treatment. There’s as many different types of treatment for knee pain as there are types of knee pain, and in many cases the best treatment is surgery. It’s ironic, however, that while surgery is meant to cure […]

Understanding Plantar Fasciitis

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Foot pain? It must be plantar fasciitis! Right? Let’s start with the basics. Plantar means the sole of your foot. Fasciitis is inflammation of fascia. Plantar fascia is the fascia on the bottom of your foot. Fascia is connective tissue. The fascia on the bottom of the foot spreads from the heel to the toes. Its purpose is to provide arch support and absorb the force that is created from your foot hitting the ground. Got it? Good, but keep reading because there’s more. What’s in a Name? The name plantar fasciitis is a little deceiving. Once treated as an […]

Should I Cancel My Massage if I’m Sick?

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Yes, please. Cancel if you are sick. Great! We’re done here. Nah, we’ve got a bunch more to cover. There are lots of variables to being sick. What does that even mean and why does it matter? Let’s dig in. What is ‘sick’? For determining your ability to receive massage, ‘sick’ means one or any combination of the following: Fever and related symptoms Chills Aches Unusual fatigue Respiratory issues Coughing Sneezing Very runny and/or stuffy sinuses Sore throat GI issues Nausea Vomiting Diarrhea If you have any of the above happening, it’s best to cancel. Massage isn’t going to help […]

All-Inclusive Massage Therapy Pricing

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There are two aspects of massage therapy- the service side and the healthcare side. I will preface this by saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with the service aspect of massage therapy. One of my favorite ways to spend a day is at a day spa getting every possible treatment I can afford added on to a facial and massage. As a self-employed massage therapist, however, this is not the type of service I offer. All-inclusive massage therapy pricing means that for the one fee you get every gram of knowledge in my head, every technique that is applicable to […]

Pain and the Brain

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An estimated 20%, or 50 million¹, US adults experience chronic pain, which is pain that affects and limits life or work activities. Many people who reach out to me for massage are those looking for relief from chronic pain, so I went down the rabbit hole of pain science to better understand what is happening in the mind and body of people who suffer from chronic pain. During the beginning of my research I found Dr. Greg Lehman’s free eBook called Recovery Strategies Pain Guidebook. It is brilliant and written in plain language for everyone to understand. I took the […]

How to Have a Good Massage

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There is absolutely nothing better in this world than to hear that someone enjoyed their massage. I’m not going to lie- it’s good feedback to hear. Recently, I was given what was probably the best feedback and compliment that I have ever received. And it got me thinking- why was this person so happy? My goal is to always be present during a session, to always pay attention to the person receiving the massage and how their body responds. But that can’t be the only reason that someone likes the work. That led me to think about this particular client […]

Guide to Gifting Massage

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When you’re relaxing on a massage table, it’s easy to see massage as a gift. Whether you’re there to reduce pain, to ease anxiety, to help you recover from the physical and mental stresses work or athletic training or parenting or simply being alive, massage is a moment of freedom in an occasionally crushing world. If you’re thinking of gifting massage with someone else for a special occasion or “just because,” you are almost certainly doing so from a place of love and generosity. Obviously, I’m a big fan of gifting massage as a present! But just as with choosing […]

Stress Management for the Whole Family

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Stressors come in all kinds of forms: work and school pressures, relationships, health concerns, uncertainty about the future. Even changes that are generally positive can still be incredibly stressful, like gaining a family member or starting a new business. Left unchecked, stress can lead to a host of symptoms, including headaches, disrupted sleep, nausea, irritability, lack of focus, and poor impulse control. Tips for stress management are frequently repeated and generally well-known: Get some exercise! Talk with a friend! Breathe deeply! Get a massage! But while most of us recognize at least a few of these symptoms from stressful periods […]

What is Therapeutic Massage?

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Recently a client said she wanted a good therapeutic massage. I thought, I’m perfect for you because that’s exactly what I do. Later, I began to think more about our conversation and thought I would share my thoughts with you. All massage is therapeutic in nature. The difference between types of massage is based on your goals. Say you get a massage because that’s how you relax and take care of yourself. That is therapeutic. You are recognizing that your body and mind are craving something healing. By getting a massage, your nervous system has a chance to get out […]