Massage for Knee Surgery Rehab

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Ouch! What did I do to my knee? If you’re experiencing knee pain, you’re not alone. Most Americans will have knee pain sometime in their life, whether from an accident, overuse, or general wear and tear as they age. Besides being uncomfortable, it’s often debilitating and holds you back from doing the activities you enjoy most. That’s why it’s important to seek prompt treatment. There’s as many different types of treatment for knee pain as there are types of knee pain, and in many cases the best treatment is surgery. It’s ironic, however, that while surgery is meant to cure […]

Should I Cancel My Massage if I’m Sick?

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Yes, please. Cancel if you are sick. Great! We’re done here. Nah, we’ve got a bunch more to cover. There are lots of variables to being sick. What does that even mean and why does it matter? Let’s dig in. What is ‘sick’? For determining your ability to receive massage, ‘sick’ means one or any combination of the following: Fever and related symptoms Chills Aches Unusual fatigue Respiratory issues Coughing Sneezing Very runny and/or stuffy sinuses Sore throat GI issues Nausea Vomiting Diarrhea If you have any of the above happening, it’s best to cancel. Massage isn’t going to help […]

Pain and the Brain

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An estimated 20%, or 50 million¹, US adults experience chronic pain, which is pain that affects and limits life or work activities. Many people who reach out to me for massage are those looking for relief from chronic pain, so I went down the rabbit hole of pain science to better understand what is happening in the mind and body of people who suffer from chronic pain. During the beginning of my research I found Dr. Greg Lehman’s free eBook called Recovery Strategies Pain Guidebook. It is brilliant and written in plain language for everyone to understand. I took the […]

Stress Management for the Whole Family

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Stressors come in all kinds of forms: work and school pressures, relationships, health concerns, uncertainty about the future. Even changes that are generally positive can still be incredibly stressful, like gaining a family member or starting a new business. Left unchecked, stress can lead to a host of symptoms, including headaches, disrupted sleep, nausea, irritability, lack of focus, and poor impulse control. Tips for stress management are frequently repeated and generally well-known: Get some exercise! Talk with a friend! Breathe deeply! Get a massage! But while most of us recognize at least a few of these symptoms from stressful periods […]

What Do We Really Know About Pain?

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Pain is one of those “you know it when you feel it” kind of sensations. But it’s also a strange phenomenon, when you think about it. A snowball is cold, and so it feels cold when you touch it. A block of concrete is rough, so it feels rough when you touch it. But a knife isn’t painful on its own. Neither is a pot of boiling water or the leg of a table. We handle these things safely all the time and experience their mass and temperature and texture. But pain exists only in the body, and even more […]

Stress, Anxiety, and Massage

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Why get a massage? According to a survey conducted by the American Massage Therapy Association, 28% of Americans who get a massage do so for relaxation and stress reduction. That’s a lot of people in the US who feel strongly enough about their own experiences with massage for stress reduction to put their money on it. But aside from individual feelings, what exactly do we know about massage and how it relates to stress and anxiety? And what does the research have to say about that? What is stress? What is anxiety? Stress Stress is your body’s response to demanding […]

February is American Heart Month

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February is American Heart Month. The goal is to raise awareness about heart disease and how it can be prevented. Heart disease is a term used to describe several different cardiovascular-related illnesses, such as arrhythmia, high blood pressure, and heart failure. It is the number one cause of death in the US, accounting for 2,300 deaths every day. In addition, heart disease affects an estimated 44 million American women. Although these numbers are staggering, lifestyle changes and education may prevent 80% of heart disease and stroke events. Being active can help lower blood pressure, improve circulation, and control weight. Massage […]

New Year Resolutions

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It’s the start of a new year and a time for many people to make resolutions or set goals. I’ve honestly never been one to treat the transition from one year to the next with any deference or commitment. But for some reason, probably because of the start of a new business and the certifications I’ve been working on, when I think about the new year, I am drawn to an excerpt from a book that was read to me during a yoga class- a meditation called “Going Easy”. My favorite parts are: “Go easy. You may have to push […]

Stretches That I Love (and will most likely suggest you do)

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DOORWAY STRETCH If you feel you are hunched over or if you have pain in your upper back, my suggestion to perform stretches of your chest. It may sound counterintuitive, but there is a method to the madness- it’s all connected! The pectoralis major muscle medially rotates the shoulder (think rounded shoulders) and it is connected to the humerus (the upper arm bone). The rhomboids (the muscles between the medial side of the shoulder blade and the spine) retract your shoulder blades. In certain postures, the pec can pull forward, causing a stretch of the rhomboids. A pain may be […]