What to Expect during a Massage:

  • The first step will be a verbal intake.  During this time, the therapist will go over your goals and discuss areas that need to be addressed.  It is important to inform your therapist of all medications being used and all current and previous medical conditions, as well as previous injuries.
  • Once the therapist leaves the room, you will undress to a level that is comfortable to you.  It is perfectly acceptable to remove all clothing, and it is normal to leave some on, such as your undergarments.  Massage therapists refer to the blanket and sheet as draping.  Draping means covering the areas of your body that are not being currently worked on. The gluteal cleft, anus, and breast tissue will be covered at all times.
  • It is important to communicate comfort level to your therapist.  Pain, level of pressure, and other neurological effects should be always be voiced.  The massage is your time and experience, and it is about you and your needs.  You will not offend or bother the therapist by asking for a change in pressure or expressing pain.  The therapist will also check in with you throughout the massage to assess your comfort level.
  • Whether or not you want to chat with your therapist is up to you. Again, this is your time. The therapist will not be offended if you want to zone out or sleep. The therapist will only engage in conversation with you if it is related to the treatment.
  • After the massage there will be an outtake, in which the therapist will ask how you feel, perform any applicable post-treatment tests, or discuss post-treatment suggestions, such as stretching or referrals.
  • Visit my FAQ page for often asked questions.