There are two aspects of massage therapy- the service side and the healthcare side. I will preface this by saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with the service aspect of massage therapy. One of my favorite ways to spend a day is at a day spa getting every possible treatment I can afford added on to a facial and massage. As a self-employed massage therapist, however, this is not the type of service I offer.

All-inclusive massage therapy pricing means that for the one fee you get every gram of knowledge in my head, every technique that is applicable to your treatment, and every tool in my office. I have a set price for a 60, 90, and 120-minute massage appointment. There are no extra charges or surprise fees at the end of your treatment and no add-ons offered at an additional cost.

All-inclusive pricing includes heat therapy from a heated table, from a hot stone, or from towels. And if needed, cold therapy with ice or cold packs. I’ll also apply Biofreeze wherever you feel you need it (and I’ll send you home with samples). You’ll receive a thorough intake that’s not part of your massage time and may include a range of muscle evaluation and orthopedic testing. Also outside of hands-on time, you will receive recommendations for treatment and self-care and referrals to other healthcare practitioners. If you are using health insurance, I will check your benefits, file your claim, and correspond with your insurer.

Everything I have to offer you falls under the one set price for the massage, and you’ll know that price going in. Know what else you don’t have to worry about? Gratuity. Because who wants to awkwardly figure out a tip while I’m standing right there? Besides, tipping practitioners within the health and wellness industry isn’t the norm. I would much rather you save that money for future massage sessions. The most appreciated way of showing gratitude is to recommend me to your friends and family.

You get all of the above plus you’ll leave deeply relaxed and feeling better than when you arrived.