My practice has reopened and I’m ready to see you. But first, here is the reopening information you need before booking your appointment.

Michelle Obama was once asked how she would get her life back on track after leaving the White House. Her response was that there is no getting things back on track, there is only starting a new track. I feel this is where we are, my friend: Starting a new track. But I do believe the rules are fluid and that’s the cool thing about science- it is constantly changing. So, after reading my new policies for massage during a pandemic, please keep in mind that while this is how we will start, it is definitely not how we will end up. I ask for your patience as we navigate the new track and, as always, ask questions if you have them. I always value your feedback.

Since we can’t socially distance ourselves during a massage, we can, however, take precautions to keep each other safe. Examples include wearing a mask, washing our hands, and reducing the number of surfaces we touch. I have also increased the time between appointments to give the air purifier time to run on the turbo setting. If you feel that you need to give it more time before returning to massage, I completely understand. I’ll be here for you when you are ready.

At this time, I am not offering online scheduling. If you’d like to make an appointment, please call, text, or email with your preferred availability. My schedule will be limited, so please provide more than one option. As a reminder, I do not work Mondays nor Wednesday mornings. I do work occasional Saturdays.

With all that said, here is some info about what to expect at your massage appointment during the COVID-19 outbreak:

COVID-19 Reopening Information, Policy, and Procedures


The LifeQual Center’s front door will be locked and per the Center’s rules, clients cannot enter the building without me as your escort. Once you arrive, text or call to let me know. My number is (503) 902-1908. You may wait in your car or outside the building. Please do not enter the building under any circumstances, even if someone opens the door for you. I will meet you outside and we will walk together to the massage room.


A mask is required to enter the building. You will also need to wear it during the massage. An accommodation can be made if you prefer not to wear it while lying face down.


1. For your first appointment post-COVID, you are required to complete a new intake. The link for the intake is in the email with the appointment confirmation.

2. You are also required to read and sign a separate COVID-19 Health Info & Informed Consent form. You will receive this email a day before your appointment.


In lieu of collecting payment at the end of service, I will instead invoice you via email, which you will be able to pay online via Square. This will likely be a temporary policy as I learn what works best for everyone. Other payment options are: Cash (please bring correct change and present in an envelope), check, Cash App ($Michellelmt), or Zelle. Please let me know your preference.

Also at this time, I will contact you to rebook via email or text instead of rebooking after the session.


Rates have increased by $5. I sincerely apologize for this as I tried very hard to avoid increasing my fee. This change takes place July 27, 2020. Gift certificates previously purchased will be honored at the previous rate.


You must cancel if you are sick. The Late Cancel Policy is suspended when due to illness and you will not be charged. IF YOU ARE RECOVERING FROM A COLD, please wait to schedule your massage until after all symptoms have resolved. Your appointment will be cancelled if you show any indication of being sick. IF YOU HAVE ALLERGIES, please plan ahead or reschedule your appointment.


Complete COVD-19 Reopening Information, Policies, & Procedures. Please read so that you know what to expect at your first appointment

If you’re still reading, thanks for hanging in there. I look forward to seeing you soon!